Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Donna Blatchly is the creator of Luvs 2 B Felt handbags. A native of Vermont, Donna lives in St. Albans and is married with two grown children. She learned to knit at an early age, but only recently became fascinated with the art of felting*. Always having loved handbags, Donna put the two together, creating an endless variety of fiber art designs. Each of Donna's bags are hand knit and felted using the finest quality of yarns from around the world. Originally designed, these bags are one of a kind! Donna uses an array of stunning colors, very special touches, and artistic designs. Unique beads and buttons, beautiful handles, felted flowers, and the embellishing techniques of needle felting set these bags apart.

*Felting: washing a knitted piece to create a fabric-like finish. Heat and moisture, along with agitation causes the "scales" that cover animal fiber yarns to loosen, tangle, and latch together. The result is soft, thick, solid fabric much smaller than the original piece.

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