Sunday, October 12, 2008


Natalie Bouchard works in digital photography and acrylic painting. Her photography generally does not require manipulation or color correction unless she feels that intentionally enhancing an image could create impact and emphasis. her photographic practices also extend to collage work for advertising, marketing materials, computer graphics, vinyl banners and vehicle graphics, t-shirt and textile printing. Most of her images have been taken around Franklin County, VT.
Natalie has been painting acrylics since 1986 when she moved to Vermont. She prefers to paint on oversized and life size canvases, as well as trompe l'oiel murals on canvas. Her paintings are hand-made originals, and are often depictions and renderings of her digital images. Natalie feels that painting gives her a visual gratification of feeling and seeing the paintings evolve. "Funny that I notice that while I'm painting. I'm praying to God, and while I'm taking photographs, I'm thanking God!"
The images that inspire Natalie the most are usually of local wildlife, landscapes, skyscapes, trees, ferns, and flowers, people, and those moments in time that you know are limited to that very moment. Sometimes the images evolve and appear as the colors and dimensions start to define themselves. 

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