Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Jim Foote is a long time resident of Northern Vermont and calls it his home. At age 5, the spark for art was given to Jim by his grandmother who encouraged him by always hanging his pictures on her refrigerator. While almost anything could a subject for a painting, Jim considers color, sunlight, and shadows key. Flowers that he grows and cares for at home are of particular interest to him for their never-ending variety of patterns and colors.Jim has studied art through books and lots of trial and error. His desire and passion for creating are what motivates him to continue to learn new techniques. Jim's medium of choice today is acrylic painting. Working mostly from photographs, he has recently begun using Photoshop, Painter, and Cinema4D to get ideas down to help his paintings evolve. He also creates complete digital art pieces.Woodcarving is another medium which he has used, creating beautiful painted wood sculptures; however, he is not creating woodworks at this time even though the love for carving is still strong. Jim's paintings are intricately detailed and elegant, and produce an effective and lovely depiction of the Northeast woodlands and lifestyle.

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