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The Arts Project is nearly complete now. As I write this, the 64-page book is being laid out by Forrest Dunnavant, with plans to have it published in time for the public exhibit at the
Enosburg Opera House on April 3rd from 1-4PM.
All team members and their subjects will receive one free copy of the book-- the remaining copies will be for sale at a modest price. And the art work completed by all twenty-eight artists is now on display for the Month of March at the AIR Gallery.
Following is a brief description of each work in alphabetical order.


Alexis Kyriak, inspired by the Weed Family, paints Moon and Music. "In the painting, the music is embedded in the hills, representing the impact of the Weed's music on me; the sky is deep with the offering of that music-- the moon and the music keeping company with "

Alison Dezotelle and Kellee Maddox make a statue of Al Stirt in Al Stirt, a 15 inch high sculpey constructed from cotton, wool, wire, moss, and fungus. "This piece relects Al in his environment-- his love of the wilds and his beginnings as a bowl maker."

Ann Allen portrays the Howrigan Family in Sugaring With Three Generations of Howrigans, a 22x28 inch oil on canvas. "I chose to paint Mike in the woods gathering sap with the help of his horses and family to reflect on the generations of Howrigans working together to farm the land."

Barbara Colgrove imagines Melissa Burke's world in Earth Art hand formed clay tile. "This piece was inspired by a shared love of Vermont and its seasons, the earth, and how they shape the everyday lives of a farm family and one who works in clay. "

Becky Wright, influenced by William Curtin, constructs Sweet Pea, an 11 inch high, paper mache sculpture. "I chose to portray Bill's cat, Sweet Pea, because she was present at the interview and Bill has always loved cats and dogs. Sweet Pea is his latest cat rescued from the Humane Society."

Bob Eldridge, inspired by Abraham Brown paints Gotta Bite, a 13.5x23.5 inch acrylic on board. "During our interview with Mr. Abe Brown, his eyes lit up when we mentioned fishing as a youngster down at the Missisquoi River. I tried to portray that turn of the century feeling in my painting."

Charlotte Rosshandler portrays Olga Lermontov in It's All About the Dirt. "If you admire her gardens and farm at Raven Ridge, Olga is likely to deflect the compliment with her arms outstretched and say 'It's all about the dirt' and the goddesses who help her work...So much pleasure, so much reward, so much Olga! "

Corliss Blakely, inspired by the Judd Sisters, creates Legacy, a 12x16 inch oil on board of a blue pitcher.

Daniel Pattullo protrays McDermott Brothers Trucking in Way To Go Boys, a photograph collage from two eras. "The past and the present can be seen at McDermotts as the third generation continues the legacy of their father and grandfather. Here you see Stanley looking on proudly as Bubba looks out from the cab."

Deidra Root (Senior at EFHS) portrays Wayne Honaker in A Piece of Vermont, a 26x32 inch collage. "I was inspired by Wayne's interests and activities living in Enosburg Falls. I chose collage as a venue because this method allowed me to show the multiple interests and activities that her is involved with."

Jim Foote portrays Ruth Nichols in Ruth In Yellow, a 12x16 inch acrylic on clayboard. "I chose to do a portrait because of Ruth's strong presence when you are with her and I wanted to show a small part of who she is by surrounding her with things dear to her."

Jo Anne Wazny, influenced by Linda Eppley, creates They Turned onto Church Street, a 19x19 mixed media collage. "I tried to show that all the pieces fit together to tell a love story of Linda and Sam Eppley-- for each other, for their children, for their community, for art and music, and for all the critters they have rescued."

Karen T. Scheffler creates for Sandra Ferland, Alphonse Mucha's Night's Rest, a 42x17.5 inch stained glass piece. "One of Sandra's favorites by Mucha, ethereal and peaceful-- evocative of the balance for an energetic day."

Kathleen Patrick creates around John and Carolyn Whiting, The Whitings Redwork, a 23x23 inch quilt. "The precision of the redwork with its variety of pictures and symbols seems to encompass John and Carolyn Whiting's varied life."

Kitten Ellison, inspired by Julie LaCross, paints Food for Body and Soul, a 14x19 hand painted serving plate. "It was a natural choice to paint flowers and vegetables reflecting Julie's love of gardening and her commitment to help those in need."

Kristan Doolan, inspired by the Carpenters, paints Team of Blacks, an 18x24 watercolor. "The Carpenters' deep appreciation for quality animals let quite an impression on me. I wanted to reflect the beauty of these animals as seen during the daily chores in the barn. I imagine their eyes linger on this very view frequently. "

Lyna Lou Nordstrom creates for Suzanne Hull Parent the Opera House, a 15x20 inch monotype with mixed media. "Since Suzi Hull-Parent is the Managing Director of the Opera House in Enosburg, it was the logical subject for the artwork. It has also been a part of the cultural community since 1892, an important part of the life of Enosburg Falls."

Margaret Young, inspired by Annalou Kittell, creates Wisdom and Innocence. "Annalou is a rare and wonderful woman who exudes wisdom and innocence as well as youth and sagacity. The brightness of the flowers against her weathered door suggests her youthful demeanor and her wisdom."

Mary Reed, inspired by Deb and George Moskevitz, paints Victorian Christmas Carolers, a 16x20 oil on canvas. "I wanted to represent Christmas and the people in the community at the Moskevitzs' Victorian home. I tried to create a feeling of warmth around the people who have come together even on a cold winter night."

Nancy Hayden, inspired by Earleen Bosley, constructs The Garden Book. "This is an altered art book modified with fabric and found plant material. This piece was inspired by the school gardens at Enosburg Falls Elementary School organized and managed by Earleen Bosley."

Nancy Hayden, inspired by Janice Geraw, constructs Cotton Sox. "Made from found objects, this piece was inspired by the stories provided by Janice Geraw and artifacts at the Historical Museum in Enosburg Falls. I was particularly interested in activities by the regular folks (the so-called Cotton Sox)."

Natalie LaRocque-Bouchard, insired by Martha and Jay Shepherd, paints The Jay Range acrylic on canvas. "The view may change but the mountain remains. This view means so much to both Martha and Jay and I wanted to capture it on canvas and share this beauty with them."

Pamela Krout-Voss and JoAnne Wazny, inspired by Hildred Tatro, construct Biography, an 8x8x8 inch book and mixed media piece. "Everyone associates Hildred with the library. We wanted to celebrate this contribution but also to bring in some of her many other interests, such as family, music, doll-house construction, and quilting."

Patrick Murphy paints Mark LaRose in Mark LaRose, a 24x24 inch oil on canvas. "When you go into LaRose's gas station between 7:30 and 8:00 AM you can usually ind Mark reading the newspaper. I felt this captured him perfectly."

Rebecca Anne Bennett portrays Michael Manahan in Michael and Bailey, an acrylic on canvas. "Bailey was Mike's best friend and companion. Where ever you saw one you saw the other."

Sandra Beval (Senior at EFHS) portrays Danielle LaRose in Passions of Danielle a 16x20 oil pastel painting. "My work was inspired by Danielle's interest in dancing, her love for singing and music, and her passion for basketball."

Sharon Fiske, inspired by Barbara Hayes, paints Opera House 1892, oil on canvas. "This painting is dedicated to Barbara, former president of the Opera House who worked diligently to preserve one of the few remaining historical opera houses left in Vermont today."

Toby Fulwiler inspired by the Wright Family, turns Sugar Maple Bowls with Tap and Ant Holes from maple. "Carroll Wright selected this wood from a culled maple in the family sugar bush: the tap holes and tap staings a reminder of the human connection to the land, the worm holes a reminder that for all things there is a season."

*Photos and descriptions are exerpts by Toby Fulwiler from the Artist In Residence Monthly Newsletter*

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