Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Nancy Stone is a Williston, Vermont painter, book artist and art teacher. She is a member of the Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville, Northern Vermont Artists Association, the Vermont Crafts Council, and a Signature member of the Vermont Watercolor Society. Her acrylic and watercolor paintings have received numberous awards, including 2005's Juror's Award at the Vermont Watercolor Society and the 2006 "Grand Prize" at the Champlain Valley Exposition. At the Northern Vermont Artists' Association juried show, she received the 2008 watercolor award and 2009 Mary Bryan Award.
Loon Latitude

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: "Tension is a welcome partner in my creative process. Artwork is often launched with abandon as pigment is playfully pushed or poured to the point of losing control over the subject and composition. Maintaining that abstract under-painting, areas are then adjusted and edges are suggested, creating a balance between definition and nuance. Hopefully, this results in a painting that is powerful from a distance yet fascinating up close. My focus is less about 'what' is painted than it is about 'how' it is painted.

Watercolor is a favorite medium since it allows intentional accidents and varied color dynamics. Acrylic collage is an alternative choice. At other times, I feel the need to manipulate paper and thread so I create sculptural artists' books. These demand exploration of art techniques that best integrate with the theme and invoke change over time as pages turn and scrolls unfurl. The swing between various media prompts altered comfort levels and adventurous problem solving.

Art has been core to my life, remaining so throughout my teaching career and during my years as Art Program Director of the Children's Art Exchange between Soviet and American children. During this wild ride called 'retirement,' I intentionally select activities that are arts based: singing in a choir, ushering at the Flynn Center and St. Michael's Playhouse, teaching and making art. Six years ago, I co-founded the Book Arts Guild of VT, which now has over 300 members. During summer, I am the art teacher for Kids4Peace, a camp that brings together Muslim, Jewish, and Christian children from Palestine, Jerusalem and Vermont; it is a project that combines my passions: children and peace through art. I find joy equally in creating my own art, as well as encouraging others."


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