Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Nancy Patch has stepped aside from her position as Executive Director of Artist in Residence. When the gallery was first established, her plan was to direct the gallery for 5 years, and she has met this expectation. Her several responsibilities will be delegated to different board members and she will remain active in the gallery for the next year, continuing to arrange the gallery display each month. Many thanks to Nancy, without whose imagination and energy the gallery would neve have existed.

"To all the artists, sponsors, and members of AIR: I have decided to step down as volunteer executive director starting this membership year. I had let several of you know that this would happen at the end of our fifth year, but I felt that the transition will take some time and if I really want to pull out at the end of year 5, then I will need to start that process now. The idea of the gallery began in the Spring fo 2006 when a space was open in the proposed New building. I had asked Andy Broderick of Housing VT to hold the spot for a couple of weeks while I hashed out an idea. He never thought it would actually come about, but I thought the idea of a co-operative gallery was a good one and so we rallied a small group of artists to get things started. I had decided even then that I would give this effort five years to see if it could make a go then would probably move on to something else. It has now been five years and seems to be a good time to start the transition. We have delegated the work that I have been doing across the different board members, though I will remain working in the gallery once a month until the new membership year.

"Please look at the schedule to see when you might want to come in for training. For this year, I will also continue to arrange the gallery for the new featured artists each month. I will also be available to answer questions and to assist the board members when asked. As always, you can count on Rebecca to meet you daily needs and concerns. Karen Scheffler has taken on the job of membership coordinator and scheduling (2011-12 is already done), Jan Brosky has agreed to be treasurer and to take on payments and expenses. Alison Dezotelle will be handling the advertising.

"I have experienced great joy in helping this effort of bringing art into the community, but mostly it gave me something I had not anticipated. AIR has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know a group of such wonderful people, that I may not have had the chance to meet otherwise. Thank you for your creativity, your passion, and your contribution to beauty in our world."

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