Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Alison Dezotelle can be found picking up rocks, seed casings, lichen and twisted sticks on her walks in the woods and along streams and rivers in and around Northern Vermont.
Recently inspired by the depth and layers of history in her trip to East Germany this year, she has decided that elves and trolls may indeed exist, and has created faces of polymer clay embedded and emerging from the twisted pieces of trees and roots which she has amassed in her cramped, windowless basement studio. 'I have studied the work of northern European doll makers and am inspired by their unique approach to features and dress,' said Dezotelle between mouthfuls of salted peanuts and chocolate fudge.
Another facet of her work is the cloth dolls she has spent the year working on. Dezotelle has collected fine fabrics from various small fabric stores in Vermont, Connecticut, and Leipzig, Germany (she thinks nothing of accosting women in airports when she sees something made in a fabric she covets). In making the dolls, she tears apart fine linens and silks, creating a contrasting dress of fine material on a simply designed doll. These creations are inspired by doll makers from France and England, and by couturiers worldwide. The dolls continue to evolve as her collection grows.

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