Thursday, January 5, 2012


"Most objects a woodturner produces tend to be round or circular. I am trying to break that barrier by working with chunks of wood that are square, rectangular, or irregular in shape. During the turning process, I make cuts and re-examine the project and often change my mind about the final piece several times. One of the exciting aspects of working with wood is that you never know what you will get until you cut into it. This can result in beautifully figured grain or a knot that will fall out leaving a big hole. These elements can significantly direct the outcome of a piece.
"My new series of platters give the illusion that the wood is bent over a form to create a subtle curve. They are in fact, turned. The four corners of the platter reach upwards to slightly different heights and angles which creates irregular movement within the pieces. I tend to leave the natural edge on at least on side of the platter; this gives the pieces a subtle rustic feel while the rest of the work is smooth and modern in design. I enjoy working with the interplay of rustic and modern."

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