Sunday, July 1, 2012


"My life here as an artist in Northern Vermont is guided by the natural cycle of the seasons. Now being summer, I'm in the flow. Long days and nights in the pottery studio-- my refuge for creativity and happiness. Time to throw lots of pots and challenge myself with mending form/design with function. I love to try new ways of embellishing the surfaces of my work, whether it be antique lace rolled in clay or a eucalyptus button on the base of a mug's handle. Never-ending possibilities with this medium which comes from Mother Earth. I try to achieve balance in my life, with working part-time in a local school, my family, and my home-studio. Art helps to fulfill my life-- it allows me to connect with my inner soul and those around me. My handmade pottery will hopefully be held and enjoyed by others for many years to come. I plan on working and playing in clay for a very long time."

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