Thursday, November 8, 2012


"I have been painting on silk for the past 8 years using wax as a resist and water based silk paints. I love the vivid colors and uncontrolled flow of the paint on silk. I am inspired by strong colors, dancing lines, lots of movement and simple designs and shapes. I recently took a workshop using different resists, no resists, and steam set dyes. I am in the process of trying different mounting techniques and painting different types of silk scarves. I also started a card business from my art images 4 years ago.
I am passionate about nature and outdoor activities which has led me to photography. Whether I am kayaking, walking, or biking-- I carry a camera. I use these images for my silk paintings. We now have all of our family animals on our walls: Our family cat, 'Max,' our dranddogs 'Best Friends,' (of Gabe and Muppet), 'Regan' and 'Reggie.' Last year I started taking photos of dragonflies and butterflies, and I have a series of Heron and Turtle photos. I am also passionate about Purple and use it as often as I can! Paintings of Dancing Women have been my trademark. My art career started when I designed T-shirts for Women Helping Battered Women. These paintings represent my hope that all women feel free enough to 'get up and dance.'"

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