Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hans' specialties include custom cabinetry in the Colonial American and Federal styles, including built in kitchens, bookcases, fine furniture, libraries, armoires, and bedroom suites. Smaller jobs are also in his repertoire, such as fine furniture repair and refinishing work. As the sole craftsman for Berkshire Woodworking, Hans guarantees that all his work meets the highest standards! Over the past six months, he built a large wet bar, as well as custom mill work. At present he is working on two blanket chests. According to Hans, "I am still having fun and making lots of sawdust!"

Monday, July 8, 2013


"The natural world has always been my refuge and delight. This year I noticed myself trying to tease out simple bits and pieces, focusing intently on one things at a time. Usually I am overwhelmed by all the immense beauty of nature around me, but I realize what I was doing was seeking balance. When the news on the radio is too intense, and the stress of daily life seems immense, quiet walks and simple sightings put it all back into perspective. Some of the images on display at the Gallery reflect my recent search for simplicity, and as always, I find what I seek here in our beautiful Green Mountains."


"Henry David Thoreau said, 'As you simplify your life, the laws of the Universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.' I agree; minimize, de-clutter, purge...that which is not work and at home. Thus, the appeal of the pear for recent art works. The simple, yet elegant form, the varied colors, sizes, and shapes. Each one tilts as though whispering, making a gesture, inviting one to hold and's sweet, succulent juice. My comfort lies with creating three dimensionally with media of clay, polymers, wire, and fabric. However, I have also been inspired to play as a painter and to look though the lens of the camera to share the voice of The Pear."


Frank is retired and now resides in Franklin, Vermont with his wife Priscilla. Nowadays, his time is spent fishing on Lake Carmi bird hunting with their dogs, Patches and Maggie, and devoting more time to his passion for art. Frank custom frames the majority of his artwork using local hard and soft woods. Current art work includes a 34 x 24 inch oil on canvas of two Quebec Labrador Caribou. He is also working on an oil-on-canvas of a mountain caribou. And last not least, the grizzly bear!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


"I have been a member of AIR for six years; a featured artist for all but one those years. This year I would like to turn the focus on stained glass, of course, but with a twist. I have found that one of the Gallery's strengths and indeed a part of its mission is the encouragement of artists to work in their medium, giving us a place to share with a wider community what we do (usually) in our home studios. I don't think I ever would have made so many panels, windows, and commissions had it not been for this beauty of a Gallery in Enosburg. My sharing for the show this year will be pictures of those commissions, as well as some older work. I share them with much thankfulness!"


"Fine art images of places I've visited are what I do. Images taken with various cameras record things I want to enhance to what I can call my own and still reflect an inherent beauty. Tinting and application of the images may be done in Photoshop or with artist mediums. Archival mounting of the finished image is also part of the process. Things within the image can be added or removed and colored to the statement I'm trying to make. What really makes it fun is the way I can return to a place I really enjoyed and reconnect with that slice of time."


Mike has been woodturning three years now, since he fully retired from a nine-to-five life, but already his work shows high quality. He has been experimenting with various woods, including spalted maple shown here. Other favorite woods include black cherry, black walnut, butternut, and sugar maple. Bowls from these various Vermont woods are currently on display in the AIR gallery. Mike has been taking advanced classes in woodturning from former woodturning veteran, Nick Rosato, and expects to have a new line of bowls on display soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


"I have always loved playing with yarn, fabrics, and colors, so weaving and quilting seemed logical playgrounds. I do not have a formal art background , but have learned from talking to (and reading about) other fiber artists and observing their methods and work.I have been weaving for over 40 years, but quilting only some 20 years. My work is hobby more than a livelihood. I am so glad to be a part of this gallery which provides motivation to actually complete my projects and inspires new ones. I am attracted by the alchemy and synergy of both processes-- taking small pieces of fabric or lengths of yarn and watching them transform into something that is sometimes hard to believe I created."