Saturday, September 10, 2011


"I have been working in fiber arts, specifically 1960's style tie-dyed creations, since about 1998; the last 6 years here in Northern Vermont under the name Blue Moon Designs. Everybody is probably familiar with the rainbow spiral and other well known designs from the 60's, commonly connected with the 'hippies' of that era, which are the basis of my repertoire. As much as I enjoy doing these designs, lately I have been playing around with non-traditional colors and color combinations as well as more advanced tie-dye techniques including the Japanese technique called Shibori.
"Recently I have been experimenting with dye applications that don't necessarily require tying. These include direct application of dye with squirt bottles, eye-droppers, paintbrushes and basically any other way I can think of applying dye to fabric. As you might imagine working with these new processes I have had some successful and other not so successful results. One combination that has been really popular is my version of camouflage. Imagine that with as many hunters as we have here in the Enosburg area. As I have mentioned before in my AIR information but have yet to actually perfect, I would like to work more at learning the techniques for tying Mandalas, Stars and other figure oriented designs. Hopefully I will get that done this year."

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